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Bringing Canada's finest freshness to your plate with pride 

We believe in the simple pleasures of life.
Good food, fresh ingredients, and awesome vibes. Welcome to Pizzaiolo Resto, & make yourself at home.

Our Fans' Favorite


This combination of high-quality ingredients creates a pizza that is both indulgent and unforgettable. Come taste why the Pizzaiolo Speciality is quickly becoming the highlight of our new restaurant, Pizzaiolo. It's not just a meal; it's an experience that our customers can't get enough of.

An setting you'll love

Gather around the Table
on our terrace 

At our new restaurant, Pizzaiolo, we invite you to enjoy a delightful meal on our terrace, which offers an amazing view that enhances your dining experience. As you savor our delicious pizzas, let the beautiful music create the perfect backdrop for relaxation and enjoyment. Our terrace is designed to provide a welcoming and fun atmosphere for families, making it an ideal spot for creating wonderful memories together. Come and experience the perfect blend of great food, stunning scenery, and harmonious melodies at Pizzaiolo.

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